Xmas Plus 2

The flood gates open. No, panic not, we’re not being inundated by Derwentwater.

When we first tried booking this out-of-character trip we were a little surprised to find that Christmas had availability but that New Year was full to the gunwales – no room at the Inn. We could only surmise that people were staying at home with family for Christmas and then going away to do their own thing.

‘T was another grey day with a rainy start. Frankly, had it not been  Friday with all its attendant potential traffic issues, I’d have thought of hitting the road. There was also the fact that we were a little late up and would’ve been on the road too late for comfort at about 10:00. So, once the rain had abated we did our now usual circuit around Derwentwater and Keswick finishing up at Booths for this evening’s shopping.

We walked back into the campsite approach road and were amazed to see no fewer than 13 assorted caravans and motorhomes lined up at the gate waiting for admittance (pitches are available from 13:00). We were inundated by new arrivals having escaped the shackles of their families.

One instinctively knows when it’s time to leave/move on. The inundation continued pretty much unabated all afternoon. It feels busier than high summer. Our erstwhile quiet little corner has changed in character, not that it is yet noisy. Given that tomorrow’s forecast is for more heavy grey overcast, there seems little point in staying for one more dark grey day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve decided to hit the road at about 08:30 mañana; 6 hours towing should get us home before dark, traffic permitting. Here’s a parting Derwentwater shot of seagulls lined up on posts preening.

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