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On our first visit to this Rosnay campsite some years ago we had been lucky enough to wake to a misty morning with dew-covered damselflies as yet unable to fly. The dew drops made for a great photo-opportunity and getting close with a macro lens was possible.

Morning Featherleg-220082roosting butterfly-220070We arose early this morning hoping for a repeat performance but there was nothing in the way of picturesque sunrise, nor mist nor dewy damsels. All was not lost though and our early rising was rewarded by a few roosting butterflies in the golden light of morning as the sun shone sporadically. I did find a roosting White-legged Damselfly (Platycnemis pennipes) too which, whilst not dewy itself, perched on a stem with three water droplets above it. It was worth getting out of bed for.

The morning was essentially overcast so, since we’d lugged the bikes with us, we clambered aboard to cycle to the Maison du Parc, a sort of visitor centre for La Brenne. There’s a small lake on the grounds, too, and I wondered what might be flying there. The answer was absolutely  bugger all so, after scrutinizing the water and vegetation in vain, we cycled back again. At least we’d had some exercise.

We thought we’d try our luck back in Le Blanc. Francine had spotted a sign declaring it to be market day. It’s about a 15-minute drive and we arrived as midday approached. We found a parking place and walked downhill to the centre of town where we found a modestly sized market most of which was in the act of packing up. We did buy some olives from a stall holder that was still doing business.

Back to the campsite for lunch, then.

Sex during dinner-220088Having had a few failed morning excursions, we spent an essentially lazy afternoon relaxing before tomorrow’s longer, 485kms drive to Fanjeaux. Just to stretch the legs I wandered to the lakeside again in search of entertainment. Oddly I found no more Southern Darters (Sympetrum meridionale). I did find a pair of Blue-tailed damselflies (Ischnura elegans) who were entertaining themselves by copulating. I settled down to snag them in flagrante delicto. As I was pressing the shutter I noticed that the female was munching away on lunch whilst she was engaged in sex. Well! A meal before sex and/or after sex is one thing but during sex?

I’ve coined a new word for this multi-tasking behaviour; I shall call it copuleating.

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  1. BlasR says:

    Aaargh – a pun too far!!

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