Yesterday’s 35 mph winds were just meteorological muscle flexing; a little limbering up. Today we enjoyed wind more consistently high and gusting to 50+ mph with a staggering summer high of 11°C. Factor in the considerable wind chill together with slowly passing thrashes of rain and life became slightly unpleasant. 24th June and Guillaume’s heating is on. Brilliant!

One high point of the day: we discovered the Bridge Cottage Café in Poolewe which turned out to be a little gem. In this very bijou establishment with five tables, I enjoyed very good red lentil and coconut soup, to keep the summer chill at bay, whilst Francine chose tarta de Santiago de Compostella (an almond cake). There were several more cakes on offer and a very fine looking tortilla on the counter, too. Yes, there’s a delightful Spanish influence here. Everything appeared to be homemade, including the bread rolls that accompanied the day’s soup. I recommend it highly.

It is run by a young Spanish couple from Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. I can’t help but wonder why a young Spanish couple decided to leave Galicia for Scotland, though. Mr. Galician made one particularly telling comment, I thought: he missed the array of seafood available in Galicia, saying he found seafood difficult to buy here on the west coast of Scotland.  I have heard that the rich marine harvest here is mainly exported to parts foreign, notably Spain. How ironic would that be, if true?

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  1. Steve says:

    Over two thirds of the world’s langoustines, one of the world’s premium seafood products, are sourced from Scottish waters. Add in our prime mussels, crab, oysters and lobsters, and you already have all the makings of a shellfish feast.


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