The Snow in Spain …

… is mainly mixed with rain.

Snow? Spain? Yes, amazing though it might sound, this morning we had a snow shower. Well, I suppose to be more accurate, it was sleet, the fluffy frozen stuff being mixed with precipitation of the unfrozen, liquid variety. The morning dawned very grey, the hills/mountains at the head of the valley disappeared and rain began falling. After a little while, the rain turned heavier and structure began to appear in it; structure which floated down rather more gently. The higher hills surrounding the valley have a light sprinkling of icing sugar on them.

The snow in Spain seems to be quite widespread. Our friends, whose house we are now looking after, drove seven hours across country through snow to begin a 3-day visit to Cordoba. We also heard of a ferry load of cars piling ashore in Santander and having problems getting stuck in snow.

Quick, put the house back on the market – I didn’t sign up for this. 😀

A few years ago, we were spending some February lunchtimes out on the veranda eating prawns with alioli. Much better!

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One comment on “The Snow in Spain …
  1. BlasR says:

    Oh no! Just like home!

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