Still No Sign of Jalón

“Drip, drip, drip little April showers …”

Actually, it’s March, still, and it’s more like March downpours than showers. Yes, we awoke once again to the sound of the rain which has now been with us for over 24 hours. The mountains on the opposite side of our valley are completely obscured, the valley floor is just about visible and Jalón is there if you are prepared to strain your eyes peering through the murk. Oops, spoke too soon – not only Jalón but the valley floor just disappeared completely. Actually, half the houses below us in the urbanization disappeared as well. We are in the clouds.

Another day of solid rain is in prospect and here I am with no remaining construction projects to keep me amused. On the bright side, though, some of the shops should be open today. Oh joy, more shopping! I say some of the shops because we’ve been told that some businesses are likely to take an extra day off to span the single day from St. Joseph’s Day, yesterday, to the weekend, making a four day break.

We bought me another construction distraction – a small side table. It’s another of the Royal Oak range from JYSK and is called a taburete, which actually translates as stool rather than table. IMHO, it makes a poor stool but an excellent small side table that can sit between our two sofas for wine glasses, brandy glasses and the like. If you really wanted to sober up, I’m sure it could also hold cups of coffee quite well, too. Unfortunately, it was a very simple assembly job that lasted only about 20 minutes, requiring just the four legs to be bolted into place.

Francine amused herself oiling some more of our already-assembled furniture. I had little choice but to start rubbing off and buffing up the pieces that she’d oiled yesterday.

Spain can be very tiring.

OK, 17 down. We can’t afford any more bad weather ‘cos we’re running out of space for additional furniture.

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