I resorted to scattered peanuts again hoping that a badger might be tempted into our garden again. No such luck.

We did, however, attract a very attractive fox; it looks sleek and pristine and maybe a bit small so is perhaps quite young. It spent some time working its way around munching individual peanuts – quite a bit of munching for each peanut, which surprised me a little.

Skywatcher-1This fox had a couple of less than usual habits. First of all, it sat down a couple of times while it was snacking.

Skywatcher munching-2We ended up with about 70 video clips and the other little habit that I couldn’t help but notice was that it frequently looked up towards the sky while if happily munched away. This makes it look as though it’s howling but it’s just caught in mid-munch.

Skywatching-1Skywatching-1-2Skywatcher turned up again the following night and found nuts that it must’ve missed previously. It kept on staring up at the sky again.

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