Normal Service is Resumed

valleyThe waters in the Jalón River have continued to fall, though plenty of folks are still staring at it through their cameras. Added to that, yesterday and today have seen pretty much uninterrupted sunshine for the final festive preparations. Today was particularly pleasant with the mercury hitting 21°C on our balcony. I did take a snap but the reading doesn’t show up so content yourselves with a valley view minus cloud cover. There was nothing else for it, we just had to celebrate after all that grey with one of our favourite lunches: prawns with alioli [garlic mayo] and bread. Quite soon, I just had to go barefoot, too.

laundryFrancine was excited ‘cos she could now get some laundry done and peg it out to dry. I do understand how much of a headache the laundry can be when you have limited space and limited drying facilities. Things get a bit fraught towards the end of a week of poor weather.

With the waters low and the sun being out for a second day, I did wander down to the most dragonfly-friendly spots. I have seen little friends here as late as the 5rd January but, alas, this time I could find nothing. Tis part of Spain has had a very badly needed wet autumn so I suspect the season is already at a close. The same may not be true elsewhere, though.

So, onward to the festivities. I wish you a very good one. Call this a Xmas tree:


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