Dateline: 11th June, 2012

Guillaume had to have his heating switched on!

What’s going on? This is unprecedented; here we sit in the south of France in the middle of June and we’ve had to put the heating on. Staggering!

We seem to be in the grip of a particularly un-summery spell of weather à ce moment. The last two days have been decidedly unsettled and this evening the skies blackened, a thrashing wind began bending the poplar trees like long bows whilst rain lashed the farm, campsite and lake. We could do little but join our neighbours for a glass or three of reality correction fluid.

During a brief respite, Nadine (Mrs farmer) popped in to invite us to a soiree the following evening and told us the farm had measured 10mm of rain. She left and the rain began again.

During another brief respite we returned to Guillaume to cook our dinner and decided Guillaume was decidedly too cold. On went the heating. Thank farmer Luc for 16amp power supplies. The rain recommenced.

Fortunately, the trees and hedges between our pitches are protecting us from most of the wind which continued to batter the tops of the trees, other wise some lucky individual would be outside trying to take down the awning in as much of a controlled fashion as such weather conditions allow, which is almost no control at all.

Let’s hope conditions improve soon – this is neither Odo– nor flower-spotting weather.

Footnote: Last year I wrote about The Garden Effect  whereby, whenever someone occupied le jardin (the garden – the small triangular pitch adjacent to ours), it rained. Today, somebody pitched a tent in le jardin.

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One comment on “Newsflash
  1. Blasr says:

    It is exceedingly wet here & a tad on the nippy side. But I have packed up woodburner cos this is June and we are British. (Presumably that attitude does not work for a Brit on foreign soil.)

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