From Amboise, we’ve decided to make a short hop, just 50 kms, west along La Loire to call in to see the picturesque chateau at Azay-le-Rideau. We were heading for a camping municipal in Azay-le-Rideau itself and the accueil [reception] apparently closed for lunch at 12:00. We got an early start and, with time in hand, called into a supermarket for essential supplies en route.

We arrived at 11:45 and lunch had clearly begun early; the acceuil was already locked. However, a sign invited us to pitch up and just let them know later where we were and how long we wanted to stay. Excellent.

PXL_20230904_114752747-01-01Just as we were about to set up in one decent pitch, a van left a better looking pitch, better in that it had some natural shade from nearby trees but not from overhanging trees. Frodo got settled and looked very happy.

Azay-le-Rideau is actually on the Indre river, which runs into La Loire, and the campsite was right on its banks. With the trees, flat grass and peaceful surroundings we felt we could sit here for ever and couldn’t help by dub it Lazy-le-Rideau.

Erythromma lindenii malePlatycnemis latipes maleHaving been lazy enough to digest a refreshing beer or two and a bite of lunch, we went off to investigate the banks of the Indre. There were a handful of damselfly species, including Blue-eye (Erythroma linenii) and, I’m sure, White Featherleg (Platycnemis latipes). The broad, flattened hind tibiae are the giveaway. This spot is the northernmost part of the latter’s range so I’m glad to have seen it here.

Map ButterflyAnother rarely seen star showed up in the form of a Map. I haven’t seen these often so it was good to get another look. The delicate tracery of line markings gives it the common name.

PXL_20230904_172306582-02In the evening it was time to capitalize on some of our Amboise market ingredients and make a paella of chicken legs and artichokes. The artichokes were clearly coming to the end of their season and preparing them is a bit of a pain but it was well worth it.

Tomorrow we’ll check out the chateau.

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