Last Day at Fanjeaux

In a few days time it will be Nadine’s birthday and we’d been invited to the family party up at the farmhouse. For a brief while it was tempting, then we wondered if we’d be the odd ones out. We were also getting itchy feet having been here for two weeks. The arrival of the irritating Belgian Bull Terrier that doesn’t bark but keeps barking settled any debate. We’re leaving tomorrow for pastures new so we swept up all our Euros and paid Nadine.

Francine was keen to get Nadine a birthday present, though, especially as Luc an Nadine had marked Francine’s birthday and we’d be missing hers. A trip to Bram secured an orchid in a pot of an appropriate colour (there’s a particular green that Nadine favours) and we called in at the farmhouse again to present it.

There was a campsite soiree in the evening organized by our hosts. This was a slightly different format form others we’ve attended, though. Luc brought down a few BIBs of wine and some nibbles but we campers all chipped in with food for a communal nosh. It worked quite well and proved a convivial evening with our usual mix of languages.

I thought there was going to be some German thrown in to the language mix but we were a little surprised when the occupants of a German registered camper van turned out to be Brits. ‘T was a rental job which they’d picked up in Toulouse and they were just getting used to it. They’d picked a good place to et started, this being one of the friendlier campsites you could ever bump in to.

The Belgian dog had begun stress-barking almost continuously because both its owners had deserted it to attend the soiree so Mr Owner went back to babysit it.

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