In Geraldine

No, that is not a sexual reference. Since the campsite was one of the more pleasant we have found and since the sun was out and time was not pressing, we spent a lazy day in Geraldine.

After a coffee in town, a visit to the local information centre produced a so-called riverside walk. Once found, most of the walk was not actually beside teh river but it did follow its course. At a couple of places we found the usual two damselflies, Common Redcoats and Blue Damselflies.

A visit to the local butcher reminded us of a cut of lamb that is unheard of in the UK – lamb backstrap. We’d first been introduced to this cut chez la frère de Francine, whilst on the Australian leg of our tripathon. After buying a piece big enough for two, I plucked up courage to ask the butcher to explain the cut, since we Brits don’t have it. It is a muscle running down the back of the animal, one either side of the spine, outside of the ribs. He explained that it was, in butchery terms, a quite wasteful cut since it ruins a good deal of the chops that would otherwise be available; hence its high price  (NZ$38.00 per kg). In cookery terms, there is no waste whatsoever and no fat. Cook it hot and fast like a steak.

The end.

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