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One of the places we most like to visit within easy reach of Casa Libelule is Moraira. Moraira is on the coast with a more or less south facing sheltered bay. It provides the satisfaction of seeing the sea and has pleasant enough cafes and restaurants for relaxation, In season, there is even a lagoon with the possibility of seeing some dragonflies. The sun was out today, though the air was cool, so we decided to go there.

We parked just outside town and began wandering towards the winter-subdued action. In the cool breeze, there weren’t even many birds on the lagoon; they were doubtless sheltering. Time was approaching lunch but our normally chosen cafe/restaurant displayed an unhelpful looking array of stacked chairs. Closed!

Portet-pointForced into being adventurous, we ventured continued up and beyond the harbour where all the big boys’ toys were moored.On the higher ground above the harbour, we paused to take in the money view, before breaking new ground and continuing further round the next bend. There before us was a particularly appealing looking, sheltered bay. Judging by some of the houses sprinkled along the opposite hill, this was where the boys with the big toys might live..

Portet-ViewThe path continued left and downwards before tracing the edge edge of a delightfully sunny, sheltered bay. The walkway was lined with tables and a good number of people relaxing in the sun, though not as crowded as I might have expected. Lunch bells were now ringing loudly; we just had to go down and try to join them. As luck would have it, there was a free table under a sun canopy placed more or less centrally outside the unpretentious cafe itself. This was about as much invitation as we needed, combined with the fact that our favourite chopitos [baby squid] were on the cafe’s menu.

PortetThis is Portet. It was reasonably busy – the cafe was clearly a goldmine – but I couldn’t quite understand why there weren’t more people here given what we’d describe as an idyllic location. Maybe the relative lack of parking in Portet itself saves it? I could have sat here all afternoon.

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