Hong Kong Transit

It’s Saturday so it must be Hong Kong.

I miscalculated: the flight was only 11 hours and not 13 as I thought. Hong Kong being 8 hrs ahead, I flew into Saturday and missed the morning. Such are the joys of long haul travel and time zones. We landed at 14:20.

This was my first experience of British Airways Club Class (i.e. Business Class) and I have to say it was in some respects, weird. Half the seats are backward facing. Well, if it’s good enough for the queen, it’s good enough for me. It is supposedly safer … in the event of an emergency, that is. Personally, I don’t think any seat would help if you fell out of the sky from 36,000 feet. Happily that wasn’t an issue.

The seating plan is 2-4-2. The seats go completely flat. The window seats face backwards as do the two centre seats in the middle block of four. If the aisle seats, which are conventional and forward facing, are in their flat bed position, the window and centre seat occupants have to clamber over the prone legs of the aisle folks. Except, that is, for the rear bulkhead row which has unfettered ingress and egress. Not terribly impressive in some respects.

Having forgotten to check-in early online, I had been defaulted to one of the centre seats of the rear bulkhead row. At first I was a little perturbed that I had one of the two bassinet seats, in case a screaming infant pitched up next to me. Mercifully that didn’t happen. On seeing the advantage of unrestricted access, I was actually pleased.

I don’t recall sleeping but neither do I recall 11 hours worth of travel so I think I must have.

I have found my ways to the QANTAS lounge in HK airport where I have a 4-hour wait for my 2nd leg flight to Brisbane. It’s a 9-hour flight. At least, I think it’s a 9-hour flight, if I haven’t miscalculated that one, too. 🙂

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