Heading for Deutschland

We’re off to Germany with all new Guillaume. We haven’t been camping in Germany for more years than I can remember – 30 years, I should think. Our driving force behind going now is to visit friends, H&G near Leipzig, in what was former East Germany, which we have never visited. We met H&G on our 4-week tour of New Zealand in 2017 and have been invited to visit them. Originally we were going to fly from Stansted direct to Leipzig with Ryan-bloody-Air but after booking our seats Ryan-bloody-Air decided to cancel that route – not just the flight but the entire route. There being nothing in the way of decent alternatives, we’ve turned it into a caravan camping holiday.

We have a 10:15 ferry tomorrow [Friday] and we’re trying a new approach. Rather than our usual 0-dark-30 start with bleary eyes, we’ve found that a Caravan Club site on the outskirts of Folkestone has “ferry pitches” with 24hr access. These pitches are smaller, with no room for an awning [good] and are near the gate so that disturbance to other longer-term campers is minimized. Irresistible; we booked one. It’ll leave us a 15 minute run to Dover East in the morning.

Going down to the coast a day early also meant that we were not unduly troubled when the bloody jaM25 played one of its trump cards. Tis time we experienced a 45-minute delay ‘cos some inconsiderate bastards had an accident closing all three lanes while the wreckage was cleared “to a place of safety” and causing the resultant travel chaos. Nothing too insignificant, I hope. This is the 2nd time in succession our use of the jaM25 to get to a ferry have been plagued by an accident. It really does make you think that non-motorway routes would be preferable; certainly more predictable.

With no time pressure we simply turned off the engine and sat waiting to get on the move again. Eventually traffic began flowing again and we arrived to check in to our prearranged ferry pitch and unwind in the time honoured and alcoholic fashion.

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