Gentile Badger

No, not gentle, gentile.

I’d made a complete mess of both ovens roasting a loin of pork in one and attempting to cook the skin separately in the other to get crackling. Cooking the skin separately is a technique I’d seen Jamie Oliver suggest but, whilst I did get crispy crackling, it was not the tastiest on the planet. This could, of course, have been the fault of the poor old pig. For whatever reason, the net result was that I not only had substandard crackling but also double the ovens to clean. I’m going to stop roasting. 😀

The pork bones went out with the ribs separated from the backbone section.

At 23:00 one of our local badgers put in an appearance. This was the Badger with a complete complement of two eyes piercing the darkness. I’m not confident about being able to identify individual badgers, at least those with both eyes functioning, though I did read that identification is possible via their tail patterns. I had a go and this one looks as though it could have been the one we saw previously.

We hadn’t previously seen a Badger take any food. One-eyed Broc had investigated bits of lamb but had rejected them. So, I was a little surprised when two-eyed Headlights grabbed one of the pork ribs and, after securing a grip, scarpered with it, stage right. Let’s try a video for something a bit different – it should show a turn of speed.

Badger with porkBadgers may be chunky beasts, weighing up to 12kg but slow they are not. Headlights soon returned for more. It sniffed at and eventually managed to get a grip on the slab of pork that was the backbone – well, half the backbone, to be accurate. It looked quite comical with it sticking out of one side of its mouth. Clearly this badger was not Jewish.

At 02:50 our latest poor fox, All New Limpy, turned up again; poor not just because of its obviously damaged left rear leg/foot but also because Headlights the badger had polished off all the food. Foxy sniffed around at, I presume, scent left behind on the grass [I use the term loosely] but hobbled off with nothing. Since stills don’t do much to show a limp, we’ll try another video clip.


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