Flooring Man had screeded more or less the whole of our ground floor and left fans blowing over it to help dry it out. However, the weather has been v. humid so the screed did not dry sufficiently overnight Thursday for the flooring to be fitted on Friday. Instead he used some of Friday to fill in where the screed had sunk – yes, we seem to have something akin to small sink holes in our floor. I’m sure he’d have had to do that anyway.

That gave me the weekend to do yet more decorating. My target was the downstairs loo, primarily but also the utility room which was also benefiting from a new floor. I don’t usually mind decorating, it can be quite therapeutic, but I’m not keen on decorating against the clock which all my recent efforts have been.

I finished up my second emulsion coats in both smallest rooms of the house [I know, there can be only one smallest] this morning and I only cracked my head on shelves and cupboards four times. Yay!

Flooring Man pitched up earlier than we’d expected but happily I’d finished. He set about planning his attack and marking up the floor appropriately. Francine has chosen wood effect vinyl planks. The glue used to fix them is interesting: the whole floor is covered and then left 40 minutes or so to dry. Downward pressure on the flooring is then sufficient to make it stick … very strongly. They say you can lift the flooring again but you have to heat the glue to soften it and release it.

We spent the afternoon sitting in the garden while our ground floor was transformed. And why not, indeed?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was yet another tradesman doing a very neat job. We’re very happy with the result.

Kitchen-wise, I think that just leaves the kick boards to be fitted, which will hopefully happen this week. Oh, and the new fridge to be delivered, too, sometime. [I may just stay in the conservatory with the old one.]

Francine is already planning the new lounge carpet, stair carpet and a new washing machine, too. Then there’s my west wing to do. Is there no end?

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2 comments on “Floored
  1. BlasR says:

    Looks very good!

    Of course Francine is planning the next stage. She’s on a roll.

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