Fifty Shades of Grey

Francine and I have been “stuck” in Kinlochewe’s Caravan Club gravel-rich car park for the last three days. As ungracious as stuck may sound, we have been stuck because we have a long-standing meeting arranged with friends who are driving up to Kinlochewe just to see us today. The weather has been utter crap. We have been treated to solid grey skies of one set of shades or another, strong winds and frequent lashing rain.

_17C5303We’ve had a few valleys to investigate to try to keep us amused. We drove up to a viewpoint looking down on Loch Maree where Francine could capture several of the multiplicity of shades of grey commonly available on the northwest coast of Scotland.

_17C5422J17_2061 Stag in VelvetWe investigated Glen Torridon, sporting several more shades of grey over Loch Torridon. There was one outstanding nature highlight, however, when we spotted a browsing Red Deer stag in velvet, unconcerned about those pointing cameras at it and slamming car doors nearby. The door slamming was actually quite good because it was about the only noise that would make the stag look up from its browsing.

_17C5412We did have the “pleasure” of driving what I believe must be the remotest stretch of hilly, winding tarmac, I’ve ever driven. Beyond Torridon itself (another one shop settlement), this single track road wound its way over pass, down and round water to remote Diabaig. It made Alpine passes look like a doddle.

Francine had begun these three days admiring the moody grey skies. The moody grey skies had now become clichéd and tiresome, though, and she has finished feeling wearied of them and desperately wanting some colour and light to return to her photographic life.

_17C5480There was a glimmer but it was only a glimmer and very brief. The fifty shades of grey were still there, though.

As convivial as our evening with our friends was, we’re both looking forward to moving on, at last.

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