Farewell Busby

This morning we bade farewell to Busby, our Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI campervan/bus. Busby was easy to drive and has served us faithfully without missing a beat – he has taken every opportunity to beat my head. 😀 Busby took a bit of getting used to but we did it, learning how to live with a campervan rather than loving it. A campervan will never replace our beloved caravan, Guillaume. A campervan does, however, enable a different sort of trip – this sort of trip.

On our 4-week journey around New Zealand, one week on North Island and three weeks on South Island, Busby has covered 4930kms/3080mls. We’d estimated 3000mls in our costings when planning for our trip – pretty damn close.

We now face an 11½-hour flight from Christchurch to Hong Kong followed by a 13-hour flight back from Hong Kong to the UK, all on Cathay Pacific. The seats will be bigger than Busby’s but I doubt I’ll sleep. We’ll see.

It’s been one hell of an experience.

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