Early Exit

As has been expected for a while, events back at home have conspired to make me leave Spain earlier than originally planned. We’ve been in a somewhat complicated situation with Francine having flown back home last Saturday, leaving me here with #1 car in which we travelled over together. Our original return date was to be 22nd October from Bilbao.

It would have been possible for me to leave the car at the airport and fly back home for a few days, subsequently returning to retrieve the thus completely abandoned car. Francine may have been able to come back with me after her home duties, too, but it would have been for a week only, at most. Since any such bookings would be at short notice, the flights were looking expensive.

I actually considered driving up through Spain and France to take a more civilized cross Channel ferry. I could do that journey solo in two days. It would involve quite a bit of fuel and toll costs plus an overnight hotel, amounting to about £300 I’d guess, but, to be honest, since it avoided my encountering the Bay of Biscay again, it was in all honesty my personally favourite choice.

However, Francine contacted the booking agents (Caravan Club) for our original Bilbao crossing and managed to change my return date to 6th October. That still cost a whopping £115 to amend, mind you. Strewth!

So, that’s what I’ll be doing, dicing with the Bay of Biscay again. 😯

I’m taking the opportunity to break the journey to Bilbao by calling in to a nature reserve just above Valencia. on Sunday, one that I had wanted to visit on a day trip  Since the route to Bilbao takes me more or less past it anyway, calling in en route makes sense. Then I make my way to Bilbao from there on Monday for a relatively early ferry on Tuesday.

Wish me luck. 😉

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  1. BlasR says:

    Here’s wishing you luck!

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