Donzac to Fanjeaux

As we hadn’t begun by knowing where we’d end up yesterday, we weren’t initially sure where to head to today. Normally from here, there’d be no debate, we’d drop into Les Brugues at Fanjeaux, at least for a couple of days, to catch up with people who had now become firm friends.

This year is far from normal, though. Not only has Britain been suffering atrocious spring and early summer weather but so has France – at least, northern France. Reading an article on the Beeb, the reason is apparently that blasted Jetstream which, for reasons best known to itself, is turning so far south over the Atlantic that it is smacking into Spain when it veers east. At this time of year it would be expected to be north of the southern part of the British Isles. The Met Office can currently see no end it sight to the rubbish weather. Oh joy!

The forecast for the coming weekend has been pretty much pants over the whole of France. We were thinking of heading for the Mediterranean coast near Mèze, thence to Provence. Provence, though, looks pretty much full ‘cos that’s what everyone in France has been doing.

An updated forecast suggested that Fanjeaux may not be quite as bad as originally thought so we adjusted our sights and decided to go there after all.

20240615_09374120240615_095117‘T was a mere 160kms from Donzac to Fanjeaux so we had time to go and look at the village of Donzac before setting sail. We wandered into the village and had a coffee at a local store. The place is filled with Olympic rings and Olympic Torch markers beside the road which made us think that perhaps the torch would pass through here on its journey to Paris.

20240615_095430Having wandered around the village and seen a number of inventive bird box art exhibits, we returned to Frodo to hit the road for Fanjeaux. After a brief stop at the motor van service point to dump our waste water and fill up the fresh, we were on the road.

The journey happily was a breeze, Toulouse was flowing smoothly and we were soon nearing Bram, just below Fanjeaux, for a shopping stop at their Carrefour supermarket.

From there, we arrived at Les Brugues to find a sign saying they were absent for the afternoon and to go and site yourself.

We did and, since a tent had grabbed our favoured Frodo pitch, we found another which seems very suitable.

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