All the times foxcam was mounted on a tripod in our back garden, multiple Foxes and Badgers came within couple of feet of it and paid it no heed. They simply got on with looking for snacks and munching them.

One Fox was a bit unusual in that it was the only one I’ve ever seen sit down. Since it also occasionally glanced skywards, I dubbed it Skywatcher.

Last night foxcam went out again in its new location keeping watch over our back garden fence into the woods. It was a particularly windy night.

Sits and watchesI was surprised to see a Fox, which looked relatively young, sit down on the path and stare apparently straight at the camera. If this fox chose to sit down, which doesn’t appear to be common behaviour, was it perhaps my mate Skywatcher again?

SuspiciousWhoever it was, our visitor was around for quite a spell investigating the area just beyond our back gate. On one occasion it suddenly jumped, seemingly alarmed, crouched slightly and again peered in the direction of the camera. Curious.

Definitely suspiciousIt happened a third time as it was getting close to our back gate; a stare straight at the camera’s location.

The camera is mounted close to vegetation. All I can think is that the wind may have been making a branch move and perhaps make a noise by knocking/rubbing against either the camera or its tripod.

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2 comments on “Disturbed
  1. BlasR says:

    Do hope it’s him come back to see how you are doing!

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