Damp Squib

I am delighted to report that the remaining days of the Jalón fiesta went off like a damp squib. That is, it was literally occasionally damp and, though we believe there was more music each night, we were saved from racket sufficient to keep us awake. Sleep was had. All hail the patron saint of Jalón, whoever that is.

We have guests who arrived safely, too, who were also able to sleep after their Sunday journey. Ryanair ferried them from Bristol to Alicante arriving pretty much on time, which is to say 21:05. That meant I had to remain sober to drive Francine and myself to Alicante to collect them. It was also sobering to see the hubbub of Alicante on a Sunday evening compared to the relative peace and calm that we had encountered at Valencia upon our own arrival. Nothing too serious, though.

We are repaying some of the hospitality shown to us by the friends that made us familiar with the Jalón valley, those for whom we used to house-and-dog-sit before they moved back to the UK. Naturally we had to drink to a few reminiscences, starting very soon after we parked the car back at Casa. Well, they were bound to be thirsty after their flight 😉

Chris thinks he’s returned home. Here’s the first morning that welcomed him back.

J18_2158 Jalon morning

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