Broc Shuns Lamb

Welcome February. February is very welcome after successfully suffering a dry January. I’m not sure what it has proved. It’s shown that I can go without a drink but it has also shown that I don’t particularly like doing so. 😀

Be that as it may, after a few days of not having any fox bait, last night we had a lamb shoulder bone left over. Having separated the two bones, I put them out at about 23:30.

Early morning signs were not good; the bones were still lying on the grass. I retrieved foxcam expecting to have recorded nothing but there was, surprisingly, a single video clip. On the thumbnail I thought it was Tampon, the (bloody) decorative cat, but no, it was Broc the (much more appreciated) badger. You must love a mustelid. 😉

BrocBroc entered stage right, wandered up to the lamb shoulder bones, sniffed, rejected them as a food source and exited stage left into our neighbour’s garden. With no light reflecting back from the nearside eye, I’m pretty sure it was the same badger as had previously visited. It seems that it isn’t keen on lamb. I have to say that there wasn’t a lot of meat left on the bones but I might have expected a little chewing activity.

I should’ve thrown out some peanuts. 🙂

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