Botanic Garden Bliss

We’ve had trouble in Brisbane up to now with some water sources being dry and others being difficult or impossible to access due to surrounding reeds.

Today was different. Since our leader, Phil, was flying in at 17:30 and we were due to meet him at the International terminal, we opted for the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Garden in Brisbane so we could return our rental car in a timely fashion and get there. We had our worst navigation cock-up yet and performed a Brisbane U-turn taking about 30 minutes, only to end up at exactly the same mistake, which we repeated. This time we made a different detour. We did finally arrive at 10:00. 😀

The café was open (not surprisingly) and I started the day with the best cappuccino that I have ever tasted anywhere. If you’re ever in Brisbane and can fight the traffic …

The café has a pond curving around just outside it down a short slope. Just out of the window we could see dozens of dragonflies zooming about very actively. There were two other ponds forming a sort of chain with the first; these were no less active. I finished my cappuccino with renewed enthusiasm and began flattening my camera battery which thus far had had only sporadic use. Yes, I did have a spare.

J19_1622 Australian TigertailJ19_1661 Graphic FluttererThere were many species both of dragonfly and damselfly. I didn’t count but I must’ve seen 20 or so and at last many were new to me. This was what it’s all about. Here’s a couple of the more spectacular ones, including one I missed yesterday when I left my camera in the car failing to find a Koala. [Lesson relearned, I think.] These are the Graphic Flutterer (Rhyothemis graphiptera) and the Australian Tiger (Ictinogomphus australis). Happy camper.

Speaking of camper, tomorrow I really will be a camper. I got dragonflied out and we left the gardens at 15:30. I think our return to the rental car depot was our first journey without a navigation mistake. Maybe we were getting used to it, or just better at understanding the navigation instructions. The car company’s shuttle returned us the the airport where we supped a couple of beers each until Phil arrived. He rented a 4×4 suitable for any National Parks that we happen to be allowed into (due to the fires that Australia is currently fighting).

We’re hitting the road at 06:00 to avoid any rush hour and driving north. It’ll be tent time. I’ve charged everything up whilst in a hotel and I’ve no idea when I will next have time to write anything, let alone have Internet access to post it. We’ll see. It’s 04:56 and my alarm is set for 05:00.


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  1. BlasR says:

    Bet you’re pleased. Aren’t they pretties??

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