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My favourite spot from our first trip to Norfolk, back in June this year, was undoubtedly Alderfen. I had hoped that I would arrive and be installed in time to revisit it yesterday afternoon but that was not to be. However, as forecast, today dawned with clear, sunny weather, so I got a second chance.

First, though, I needed to visit a couple of local Ludham shops, including the jovial butcher (why are butchers normally jovial?), to supplement my larder to see me through the weekend. I went green and jumped on my bike, since I could actually get it out out of the bike carrier this time. 😀

I thought I’d try something a bit different for dinner on Saturday. Half a pound of pig’s liver together with half a pound of tuppeny rice smoked streaky bacon cost me less than £3. Deal! Some curly Kale from the mini supermarket and some potatoes from my store cupboard, and today’s dinner was set. The trick was padding three bottles of vino with my softer purchases so they didn’t rattle and give the game away as I cycled back to Guillaume.

J01_4272 male and female Common DartersI’d had a late breakfast (10:30 AM) of sausages, eggs and mushrooms so I didn’t need any lunch. I shot straight out to Alderfen. As I arrived, a couple of walkers left but, other than that, I was the only person there. Brilliant! There are precious few Odos remaining at this time of year in the UK but, as expected, the place was swarming with Common Darters (Sympetrum striolatum), largely on the ground, and Migrant Hawkers (Aeshna mixta), largely in the air. I did see one hawker settle but not close enough for a shot. I was a little surprised not to find any trace of any Emerald Damselflies but it was a very agreeable diversion nonetheless.

2013-09-28 16.12.20 Hickling staitheI was back by 3:00 PM so I decided on a second bike ride, this time unencumbered by rucksack full of food. I did a 15-mile round trip beyond Ludham and across the A149 main road to Hickling, beside the broad of the same name.

I was back in plenty of time for a shower before cooking my liver and bacon Saturday dinner. I deviated from Hannibal’s well publicized menu and drank a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon instead of a fine Chianti. 🙂

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