And the Beat Goes On

The beat of life, that is.

We’ve been in a cool spell recently, where cool means that temperatures haven’t risen much above 11°C. Today, though, the wind felt as though it was coming more from the south, i.e. Africa, and with crystal clear blue skies, the temperature climbed higher hitting about 18°C.

After a morning of essential food shopping and chores, and followed by lunch on the balcony, we headed down into Jalón to see if any friends were around. We’d seen a lonely only two days ago and now it’s all about how long the 2017 dragonfly season can be pushed.

J18_1726 Sympetrum striolatum maleOur secret place some way away from water, the place had was home to our lonely only two days ago, produced nothing. We followed that with nothing also from the first pools on the river.. Then we fought our way through some vegetated rough ground to get to a sheltered area on the other side (north) of the river. Francine spotted a suspect perched on a stem, flying sorties to catch passing flies. Excellent! Naturally, at this time of year, it was a Common Darter (Sympetrum striolatum).

I worked my way further along this section and caught sight of a movement. Risking life, limb and camera, I scrambled lower and disturbed two more suspects. They scarpered before I could snag them. I was already content, though.

J18_1744 Sympetrum striolatum ovipBetter was to come. As we made our way back thinking we were done, just as we were passing the ford, a pair began ovipositing in the ford, right in front of us. “Switching to manual, Captain”. Most of the shots were rubbish but this one came out well.

So, at least four active Darters on 16th January. Wow!

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2 comments on “And the Beat Goes On
  1. BlasR says:

    Brilliant shot of the pair! Worth risking life, limb and camera.

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