An Early Bath

Having arrived in sunshine last Friday lunchtime and having spent the following four days in sunny, if slightly windy conditions, today dawned with a grey overcast. The noticeable easterly wind was still with us and and has seemed to be something of a feature here. I consulted the weather forecast for the following few days: grey with the risk of some showers. I’d had a very pleasant, probably better than could reasonably be expected at the beginning of October, 5-night stay. I’d pretty much done the things on my to-do list.

For the remainder of the week, the grey skies weren’t going to suit any landscape photography. More cycling around the lanes would have been enjoyable but less so in the prevailing stiff breeze. I checked the forecast at home: worse, if anything, but by leaving today, I should be able to get Guillaume parked in his home field without getting soaked.

Decision made. Guillaume and I packed up and returned home for a slightly early bath, carefully avoiding the current travel nightmare that is the A11 around Thetford.

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