An Adventure Approaches

On Saturday we begin a journey on the canals together with two American friends, let’s call them Captain and Mrs Virginia. Since connectivity on a canal boat is most likely to be sporadic, to say the least, I thought I’d try posting using email. So, here goes …

15 years ago, the four of us did a 1-week “there and back” canal trip – up the Grand Union Canal from Leighton Buzzard to Braunston Junction and back. Capt. Virginia heard about the possibility of doing “The Thames Ring”, a circular route consisting of the Grand Union Canal, the Oxford Canal and the River Thames. The trip is supposedly possible in two weeks but the Wyvern Shipping Company Ltd in Leighton Buzzard recommended a 2½-week rental to allow for more than just travelling full time. 15 years on, his trip has become reality.

Our first challenge begins tomorrow (Thursday) morning when we attempt to meet our fellow travellers disembarking the Queen Mary 2 at Ocean Terminal in the port of Southampton after their 8-day North Atlantic crossing – posh gits! Apparently, there is a short term car park near the terminal, all we have to do is find it.

Well, not quite all, perhaps. Assuming that goes well, the next thing we have to do is find two particular Americans amidst the other 3,000 folks also spilling off the renowned ship.

Oh, and we need to leave by about 5:30 AM to be there ready and waiting. 🙂

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