A Few Bernia Orchids

We had a quick excursion up to the Bernia basecamp which is another one of Francine’s orchid hunting grounds. Cutting a longer story short, our visit was also relatively curtailed because there really wasn’t as much as we had come to expect at this time of year. Just one of those seasons, maybe.

J18_1924  Ophrys scolopaxAt a few of our usual spots we drew a blank. One side track, however, did produce results. Standing proud and apparently alone was a very neat example of of A Woodcock Orchid (Ophrys scolopax).

J18_1920  Ophrys fusca (group)Before finding the Woodcock, we had seen a few Dull or Sombre Ophrys (Ophrys fusca), perhaps not in their peak condition, but we finally ran into quite a colony of them further along the track.

So, not the most successful of visits but interesting in that some of our previously more reliable spots had produced a blank.

Variable stuff, nature.

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