A Bed is Ordered

Following the advice we’d been given to “just change the lock on your door”, the saga continues. Yesterday an aluminium carpintera was supposedly turning up between 3:00 and 3:30 PM to fit a better security lock and make our entrance door [it’s the only door] work properly. He didn’t appear.

Our friendly estate agent [still can’t get used to that phrase] chased him and said he would come this evening between 6:00 and 6:30. I went and waited until 6:45 PM by which time it was raining and getting dark. Since we have no electricity I thought working in the dark would not be an option so I stopped waiting and returned to our friends in the local bar, somewhat disheartened.

The rest of the day had, however, been more productive. We had settled on a decision for our eventual main bed, one with a storage box beneath it so we had extra storage space in our otherwise limited area. We paid the deposit and it should be ready for delivery when we return in three weeks.

First furnished roomAs we had hoped, the guest bed became available and was delivered and installed by a friendly local business, albeit English run. [We’ve been trying to use local Spanish businesses where possible.] Once the delivery man assembled the bed, Francine made the bed up with a probably-too-thin-for-this-time-of-year-even-in-Spain duvet – only 4.5 TOG. Still, the idea of this rather more rushed decision and delivery was that we would have a bed to collapse into – after a drink or three, of course – when we arrive late in the evening once we’ve driven down from Bilbao in the middle of March. Our delivery man also brought us a couple of space-saving 40cm wide bedside cabinets. You’ll notice the cabinets already have bedside lights mounted on them in the hope that an electricity supply may soon be available. In any event, Casa Libélule has it’s very first furnished room. Yay!! 😀

Now, if we could get that bloody entrance door sorted out …

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